QAQC Plumbing Detailer

QAQC Plumbing Detailer in Orange County
We are a large, growing Commercial Mechanical Contractor in the Orange County and work on some of the biggest and best projects in CA, and we are currently looking for a QAQC Plumbing Detailer to add to our team.
Build accurate Fabrication Drawings for Plumbing Systems on Our Current Projects
Detail Plumbing Drawings for our ongoing projects in the field to express the Design intent needed for Change Orders in the field
10+ years Plumbing experience
3+ years of QAQC experience
3+ years in AutoCAD and TSI (CADmech, fabCAD) Fabrication Suite
3+ years in the Field, working in the Plumbing Union on large Plumbing Projects
Stable work-history
So if you are a top-notch QAQC Plumbing Detailer in the Orange County Area looking for a new position with great pay and advancement opportunities, apply today!
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To Schedule a quick 15 minute call, click here: https://www.timetrade.com/book/26RRJ
Click here to view our other open positions: http://www.gulfstreamsp.com/current-positions/

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